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After years of teaching high school and watching how our young’s interaction between themselves and others, I began to think of ways to bring about a change towards the values I grew up with.  These values are congruent to how a person appears to themselves and others. I know these values are still out there and that an appearance is a great start in showing how a look can change a person’s way of thinking.

Our company strives to provide you with your best shopping experience that you can find by providing luxury and fashion solutions to a gentleman’s busy lifestyle.  But how does one define a Gentleman?  According to Gentleman's Gazette:  https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/gentleman-what-it-means-today/ there are eleven characteristics:

  1. A Gentleman is Imperfect.
  2. A Gentleman Has High Standards.
  3. A Gentleman is Well Dressed.
  4. A Gentleman Has Good Manners.
  5. A Gentleman is Open Minded.
  6. A Gentleman is Interesting and Informed.
  7. A Gentleman’s Actions Match His Words.
  8. A Gentleman Treats People with Respect.
  9. A Gentleman Recognizes the Difference Between Arrogance and Confidence.
  10. A Gentleman Wields Power Purposefully.
  11. A Gentleman Gives People the Benefit of the Doubt.

Our store of course provides solutions to number 3; A Gentleman is Well Dressed: A well-dressed man is appropriately attired based on the season, the occasion, and his own style.  Dressing well isn’t a matter of money for a gentleman, but rather of careful curation of clothing and accessories based on his means, the occasion, and his tastes.  His dress demonstrates that he recognizes the power of clothes, the impression they make, and the role they play in society.  Clothes are used to convey a gentleman’s respect for his host, his office, or for the host of an event, but not to shock, evoke jealousy, or show off.  Dressing well is a point of pride for a gentleman because it demonstrates his personality and taste.

 In today’s ever changing society we believe we need to have more gentlemen in our world and we as a company want to help our customers look that part.  We know our products will certainly allow you to achieve the image of a Gentleman, but it will be the your job to become more than just the image.  We would love to see pictures of our products worn for a gallery of gentlemen that we are working on.  We look forward to being with you throughout the years of the Gentleman’s Evolution.



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